False Waldemar – The Boolean Prophet

They call him Jacob, my Lord …

He who is True, who liveth in truth
Is never welcome in Unholy Halls

I am the True and Final King
Son of the son of the son of The Bear
And I am a True Bear, also
Westfalie and Brandeburg bow low before me

This was the personal prayer of False Waldemar, true Skolare and true King. A true King who was mocked and abused by the weak-minded, scorned by the Jealous Men in his time. We will not further assert nor argue for his legitimacy here, but recite instead some more from his Grande Book of Prayer. This wild tune he called If ever you see a tall mast:

If ever you see a tall mast in the woods
Linger a while and reflect on the mast
And the woods

If ever you meet there a grey-bearded stranger
Listen a while to his maddening ravings
And his truths

If ever you know then that you are true king
Claim what is rightfully yours, your domain
And reign


Jacobie, Jacobie (The passion of Jacobie I)

Upon that tree
Upon that tree

Jacobie was a Krímìnale. For this he was punished severely in the great gorge of hollow-horned mammals. From the Neerich-ian clan it was claimed that he had thieved as follows:

  • 10 Cherry Boston Players
  • 3 Hen birds (France)
  • 12-cylinder girls (who danced eight international agreements)
  • 2 friends and Pterici
  • 17 “Please note that the swimming pool” signs
  • 5 de L’mei Čelebić gold medals

Kyan was especially upset about the kidnapping of his most beloved, Pterici (his friends not so much). Kyan spoke in parable:

Before the blood sword legacy of the Sky King,
the courage of the swelling;
sword and Crimeajacobiianians
rushed into the sea
all their sons for Unabashed Pterici.

People now offer the spear to him – Sky King.

Jacobie was nailed to the Scapegoat tree in that grand gorge. His dying words:

Alien flesh-eating goats for youth and children!
Clothing, tyres, waste, there are many other things.

And there was not a man in the valley who understood, but one.

Nerich in struggle with hollow-horned mammal
Nerichian in struggle with hollow-horned mammal