Proud Hindoo! Wisest of the East

I see into divinity
I see the answers, there
I will now apply them

Here and everywhere

  • Guru Rohit Verma, Procession of the Krimean Followers through Winter Worlds (Sayings, 12)


Since times immemorial the Hindu has praised gods uncountable. It is he who at the earliest stage understood the multiplicity of the divine, and so touched upon Krimean gnosis.

The seeker Rohit Verma, acknowledged guru, was a great traveler on the quest for Krim. If only we would listen, if only we would heed his call.

Kneel! Kneel.
I see cones of light emit
I see tallest taurus, Krim.

What horns grow below soft skin?

  • Guru Rohit Verma, In Debate with the Masters of Evil Reigns (excerpt from chapter 12)


When in dream

When in dream where none is real
When in dream, where in dream
Where in dream is found true truth
Where in dream, why in dream
Why in dream is glass transparent
Why in dream, how in dream
How in dream is dream unending
When in dream where none is real

So did one Tan Angerer speak. Noone heard, noone saw. Oh, oh, ayem, ohm! These were sayings of ancient belief, of kingdoms come, of kingdoms gone. Only loss is gain, only loss!

Krim, you of old! Shed light, shine bright. I am alone, sisterless, brotherless, without family, father to none, child of darkness. I pray, Krim, and you do not answer. I pray, Krim, I pray!

This is the ancient tale: One wandered in woods, without torch, without soul. One snapped branches, shed tears, all future broke before him. “Fuj, what thick woods are these!” All future, all past, all was in view of the wanderer, all was in mist.

I never saw him again. Not in dream, not under star nor sun. May darkness guide him, as only darkness can. Why in dream, Krim, why only in dream?

Rogers, Archimedes’ Stomachion and the Jacobian connection

puzzled elephant
Puzzled elephant. One ponders his emotions when assembled. Did you know elephants quite enjoy almonds? Help yourself, as you once helped me.

Who am I? Who are you?

Questions arise always in the contect of Krim, as it is a most inquisitive context.

I was invited recently to speak on Archimedes’ famous puzzle of polygon-alignment, the Stomachion. Those attending my lecture were visibly distraught as I unveiled for them the Jacobian connection. How naïve they are! Any graph has such an interpretation (this has been established – repeatedly!), and the interpretation is without fail a great road to insight. They murmured of mysticism. If this is mystical, then let us revel in it! What is Logik, but an all-encompassing Mysterie?

Dr. Douglas Rogers

scholar to some, or a bum, and false believer – to myself only an eternal seeker

The Philistine Puzzle

Sad day to resolve the birds are singing Kurimuyakobu Horaizonshumeru occult mathematics. 

To solve the birds are singing a sad day Kurimuyakobu Horaizonshumeru occult mathematics.

Birds are singing Kurimuyakobu Horaizonshumeru occult mathematics to solve a sad day.

Birds Horaizonshumeru occult mathematics Kurimuyakobu singing a sad day to solve day.

Horizon Sumerian mathematics occult bird is singing a sad day to resolve Kurimuyakobu day.

Sumerian mathematics occult birds sing a sad day to resolve the Horizon Kurimuyakobu day.

Horizon sad day Sumerian mathematics occult birds sing not dissolve Kurimuyakobu date.

Date Sumerian mathematics occult bird not singing sad day horizon Kurimuyakobu dissolved.

Date of Sumerian mathematics occult bird not sad songs dissolved Kurimuyakobu day horizon.

The song, which was dissolved in Sumerian mathematics occult Kurimuyakobu day horizon the sun is not a sad bird.

This is not Kurimuyakobu days, singing was melting occult mathematics Sumerian horizon and the sun is sad the bird.

This is not Kurimuyakobu day, the sun had melted the bird singing sad Sumerian mathematical horizon and the occult.

It was in the days of the Krim Jacob, with the sun melting down the horizon and occult mathematical birds singing the songs of
Sumerian sorrow.