Lynn wants to change the world completely

By Jakko Krimälainen, that fearsome wielder of words from Finno-Urgic Krim tradition.

All is congenital or too correct or incorrect.
Hound red, remotely occurs.
Stone and wood.
Very good – I hope that when entering a tree walking,
this mask will not be lost,
in hope, light, day and night,
whatever you want.
To participate in the power of God.
The device is looking for dogs.
On the West Coast?
After you have weathered,
the Sun, the Moon
and the stars and dark.
Each element is a rectangular table,
this mask will not be lost.
See Abalone, The Red Dog,
and Lynn 
is only three years old.
Lynn wants to change the world completely.

Krim Fundamentals – Scarecrow and a yellow moon

The moon shines, yellow, bright.  The birds flies, crying in anguish. Scarecrows standing tall. Our subject, with shoes of lead, walks towards a foreseen target. Innocent and pure, his struggle is just.

The path goes over the steppes of sorrow…

As written by the 16th-century scholar Tän Anghér in his last work: “Lord Krïm, Wanderer, Seeker”.