“The Touch”

Heart of gold, beard of silver, draped in red...

At the end of the night calm air?
The child is the father of their duties;
A child branch
It’s a good idea to keep warm.

“My son, why hide your face in fear?”
“My son is gone.”

“You boy, come with me, come on
One of the most beautiful games, the touch;
Many colorful flowers on the beach
My “mother, or several coats

“My father and my father and listening
“Gradually, my son;

“Dear children, you say?
Daughter will have to wait;
Woman Dancing Bear Night
Rock, dance and dream of singing ”

“My father and my father can not be
Real Women dark place? ‘
“My son, my son, I do not understand:
Liu old gray.”

“I love you, and I have great appeal;
If desired, use and force “-

Father and met handshake quickly
My father and my father and I! ‘
Shipyard is very difficult;
His hands, infant mortality

Jacob Tepec, 1898

Jacob Krim and the fantasies of George R. R. Martin

Fire and sword, never come into contact;
It seems that everything must grow fierce!

from Crimean poem

Many a child and childish adult have in the latest years discovered the fantasies of George R. R. Martin, but how did he himself discover them? The answer is complex, yet simple, just as Martin’s many books.

a man of many fantasies

Some of his inspirations are obvious, and are even confirmed by Martin himself. Historical events, locations and personalities, such as the War of Roses, bloody feasts at Edinburgh castle, the terror of Peer Nerich, and the Virgin Queen have clear parallels in his books. Moreover, Martin has mentioned that something as trivial as his own turtle pets had influence on his fantasies. But are there any connections to the tales of Old Roșu?

Oh, I heard the greatest shame!
Did you hear that Raven can kill a person?

from Folanés Folly, to be read in full here

Who of us who have read Folanés Folly have not been inspired and touched? It tells of the folly of man, and the folly of Krim. In Martin’s books he draw strong parallels to the inspiring poetry from Matrice Granite. Especially in the storyline of one Jon of Snow, where crows, murder and betrayal are central.

Old Roșu inspired many
Old Roșu

Krim Jacob and the Demons of Old

They say he walks these woods,
and in these dark winter days I must meet him

Yes, so are the words of the wise man Jakko, who dedicated his life to the pursuit of truth and blessings.

Nicolaus and Rosu and the cave-dwellers
only laugh at my despair

He would not be granted a single blessing. The truth he found, he was not prepared to face.

I leave the safe hearth fire
and throw myself into his domain

Folklore has it a single star twinkles, dull, each and every year.

 I know, Krim Rosu
that you are here

Krim Fundamentals – Scarecrow and a yellow moon

The moon shines, yellow, bright.  The birds flies, crying in anguish. Scarecrows standing tall. Our subject, with shoes of lead, walks towards a foreseen target. Innocent and pure, his struggle is just.

The path goes over the steppes of sorrow…

As written by the 16th-century scholar Tän Anghér in his last work: “Lord Krïm, Wanderer, Seeker”.

Our Prometheus – Tepec and the immaculate conception of the Atom


“I did suggest it, but not on that ground… Why I chose the name is not clear, but I know what thoughts were in my mind.”

– J. Robert Oppenheimer

Laboratory 1

Audio log, reel #32, #79, #114
Excerpts featuring laboratory assistant John Tepec

3 May 1944, 07:20 AM

You are naive. Janos, Janos, you are too naive. I seek not merely the destruction of all – but do not fear me.

7 January 1945, 11:23 PM

No, not now. Leave me be, Kistiakowsky, now is not the time. I will sleep well and overcome this menace.

27 April 1945, 11:32 AM

The location is satisfactory. I am confident that New Mexico will soon be our New Eden!

16 June 1945, 02:56 AM

This is the The Gadget, yes? Then let us be joined in contemporary Trinity and laugh in the face of God! We have become Death!

Where I see a tall mast in the woods…


Nerich proposed the death of my father
Firefighters and prayer against the enemy;
My spirit is pleased,
My arm is strong

I like the first of many storms
This is a charming valley, you fence me in
Exciting places to see
Spring Valley, shine in my mind

Ground and the celebratory mood
Beautiful nature of culture and 13
I saw the wagonwheel could barely walk
Now, I flew from the water.

He then congratulated his country
His sword is the vagina.
Blow! Therefore, they sing, I sing,
A coward, who has the sword.

Fire and sword, never come into contact;
It seems that everything must grow fierce!
Who really believe in birth?
When the bees are seven; permanent gene

Crimean poem translated on behalf of the Targu Mures Historical Society by Douglas Rogers

Folanés Folley


The man went to eat Vea.
Then he sat in a grove of crow, and he speaks:

“He thought to himself:
Will think of crow kill you?”

A man who turned his horse,
so is the economy at home.

Listen to what my husband ask:
When the tree it is?

I drove it not to blood.
On crow he swore to kill him.

Oh, I heard the greatest shame!
Did you hear that Raven can kill a person?

But the crows came in into the house and cried.
And the man who crawled the hole.

A man who drew his bow to knee,
so straight a shot he fell.

It’s so interesting, it leads Folané.
But the Raven, he cursed them all.

It’s so interesting, it leads Folané.
Crows who flew into the barn floor.

The skin thus produced twelve pairs of shoes;
best couple he gave his mother.

As Salty told “as drums and barrels,
and transmission is ones Christmas”.

Intestine, has twelve twisted pairs of wires.
My hand and head to fork is stuck.

Account used in the temple vessels.
So people can fly in the sea.

Im Mu’n use; “may Maya gain
and his ears are right” will probably tutor.

In his eyes, life is like glass.
His neck and saw, “depends on whether the church with dignity”.

Children are used as the crow.
It is not a straight value!

Poem from Matrice de Granit, interpretation by mystic Jacob Becher; literal translation by Stanislav Peev.