Rogers, Archimedes’ Stomachion and the Jacobian connection

puzzled elephant
Puzzled elephant. One ponders his emotions when assembled. Did you know elephants quite enjoy almonds? Help yourself, as you once helped me.

Who am I? Who are you?

Questions arise always in the contect of Krim, as it is a most inquisitive context.

I was invited recently to speak on Archimedes’ famous puzzle of polygon-alignment, the Stomachion. Those attending my lecture were visibly distraught as I unveiled for them the Jacobian connection. How naïve they are! Any graph has such an interpretation (this has been established – repeatedly!), and the interpretation is without fail a great road to insight. They murmured of mysticism. If this is mystical, then let us revel in it! What is Logik, but an all-encompassing Mysterie?

Dr. Douglas Rogers

scholar to some, or a bum, and false believer – to myself only an eternal seeker

Who was Douglas Rogers?

A traditional Rogers-Romanian triptych, featuring Rogers himself in Kabbalistic configuration
A traditional Rogers-Romanian triptych, featuring Rogers himself in Kabbalistic configuration

We begin by showing how a pentagonal pavement in Cairo and a hammer-headed pattern found at the Alhambra both appear to be constructed with the 3–4–5 right triangle in mind. But not only do all right triangles have similar architectural properties, the tessellations that underly these particular geometrical designs are themselves associated with dissection demonstrations of the Pythagorean proposition.

– Preface, “Occult Architecture: The Triangle of Despair”, Douglas Rogers, Old Gimo Print (2005)

Drawing on long-term ethnographic fieldwork and extensive archival and manuscript sources, Rogers argues that religious, political, and economic practice are overlapping arenas in which the people of Sepych have striven to be ethical—in relation to labor and money, food and drink, prayers and rituals, religious books and manuscripts, and the surrounding material landscape.

– Cornell University press on Rogers’  work on Krimean pseudomathematics (2009)

Douglas Rogers is a true enthusiast when it comes to strange mathematical puzzles and problems.

– Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov (2009)

It seems that we – not just Archimedes – might have been missing something. I do not speak words that they may fall upon deaf ears, but I speak words that will be heard with your Spiritual Ear and will retain those words which are designated to build you up in the Most Holy Faith, never to depart from that Faith.

– Douglas Rogers on the discovery of possible Krim Rosü-references in the dead sea scrolls   (2006)

Douglas Rogers hangs out with the starlets and young blades in Bombay’s hottest bars.

– The Guardian (2006)

Who was Douglas Rogers? That is for you to decide.

– Drevo Igre (2014)

Alternate configuration of the Rogerian Triptych
Alternate configuration of the Rogerian Triptych