Ten Years in the Service of Truth

Krim is kind. He will not abandon us.

Years come and go, but Krim remains, for he is beyond time and temporal influence. As we have done before, we renew our pledge, and will serve him eternally:

Seek Krim Jacob
Wherever he may roam
Makes himself known

Hear Krim Jacob
To foreign shores go
Where our River may flow

Noi vă mulțumesc tuturor, și mulțumim Krim!

Everyday Life with Krim Jacob

The Targu Mures Historical Society was very pleased to receive this e-mail from a Ms. Musa, an avid reader from Japan. Her brief observations on Krim in the most mundane day-to-day circumstances touched us and lifted the spirits in the office for days! We reproduce an especially amusing tale here. Please note that the Targu Mures Historical Society can not guarantee for the correctness or factuality of any Krim-related episodes  that Ms. Musa describes – let them bring you joys of the light feather rather than heavy thoughts.

The bamboo chair

I sat on my chair one morning.

As I sighed, I let my back lean backwards and the chair let out a sudden “squeak”. My cat stared at me in slighty irritation, as he is not one who enjoys such noise. I sang to him to calm his nerves; of The Red Wanderer of many a mountain. The old cat was calmed. I told him through my trembling voice of the great sea that the Wanderer once did cross, the waves he forced docile and the sea-turtle that was his friend. What days those were, on the sea.

Befriend him not

My song was over, and as I let my muscles relax the chair squeaked once more.