Krim in the sky, the summer swan

Another poem from the Granite Matrix, translation by Stanislav Peev.

Today again, Krim walks on the summer graph.
Other men gay, they saw a white feathered swan.
Krim in the sky, clouds are white.
Sun screaming like children happy!

Glasses are used in a joking Light
Anything that is connected to its urban Khan!
Han Sin Sou, western rider, waving and jumping.
Made born hosts see from borderline Khan

Infinite cycles, a Krim walks forever.
After the Han, people still feel nervous.
And sometimes, a little dry.
I am sure you are right.

Joking with the whip.

Krim Fundamentals – Scarecrow and a yellow moon

The moon shines, yellow, bright.  The birds flies, crying in anguish. Scarecrows standing tall. Our subject, with shoes of lead, walks towards a foreseen target. Innocent and pure, his struggle is just.

The path goes over the steppes of sorrow…

As written by the 16th-century scholar Tän Anghér in his last work: “Lord Krïm, Wanderer, Seeker”.

Where I see a tall mast in the woods…


Nerich proposed the death of my father
Firefighters and prayer against the enemy;
My spirit is pleased,
My arm is strong

I like the first of many storms
This is a charming valley, you fence me in
Exciting places to see
Spring Valley, shine in my mind

Ground and the celebratory mood
Beautiful nature of culture and 13
I saw the wagonwheel could barely walk
Now, I flew from the water.

He then congratulated his country
His sword is the vagina.
Blow! Therefore, they sing, I sing,
A coward, who has the sword.

Fire and sword, never come into contact;
It seems that everything must grow fierce!
Who really believe in birth?
When the bees are seven; permanent gene

Crimean poem translated on behalf of the Targu Mures Historical Society by Douglas Rogers

Folanés Folley


The man went to eat Vea.
Then he sat in a grove of crow, and he speaks:

“He thought to himself:
Will think of crow kill you?”

A man who turned his horse,
so is the economy at home.

Listen to what my husband ask:
When the tree it is?

I drove it not to blood.
On crow he swore to kill him.

Oh, I heard the greatest shame!
Did you hear that Raven can kill a person?

But the crows came in into the house and cried.
And the man who crawled the hole.

A man who drew his bow to knee,
so straight a shot he fell.

It’s so interesting, it leads Folané.
But the Raven, he cursed them all.

It’s so interesting, it leads Folané.
Crows who flew into the barn floor.

The skin thus produced twelve pairs of shoes;
best couple he gave his mother.

As Salty told “as drums and barrels,
and transmission is ones Christmas”.

Intestine, has twelve twisted pairs of wires.
My hand and head to fork is stuck.

Account used in the temple vessels.
So people can fly in the sea.

Im Mu’n use; “may Maya gain
and his ears are right” will probably tutor.

In his eyes, life is like glass.
His neck and saw, “depends on whether the church with dignity”.

Children are used as the crow.
It is not a straight value!

Poem from Matrice de Granit, interpretation by mystic Jacob Becher; literal translation by Stanislav Peev.

Krim Fundamentals – Guilt and Prosperity

thou shalt not

Consider for a moment what might drive a man from his birthplace. Cast then all these thoughts aside, for this is no ordinary tale of migration by need or wish. Were someone ever destined to take on a new name and then a new life, it must have been him.

And at that he took to the door and a bird grew wings of gold…

As written by the 16th-century scholar Tän Anghér in his last work: “Lord Krïm, Wanderer, Seeker”.