Jacob Krim – Migrations in the Americas. Part II.

Krim and his followers had to flee Jocotepec, expelled by the cohort of the depraved  Conquistador Pascal Chr. Nerich. These where harsh times for the Krimean collection and many where tempted to fall off to join the tempting but loathsome Nerich logic and thus betray their true comrades. But few actually did, it is said that the leadership of  Jacob gave the people unlimited bliss. His theorems and conjectures in the fields of combinatorics and graph theory with applications in the topology of discretely shaped objects increased the faith in his teachings and grew stronger even as the times got more burdensome. But the winds of fortune changed and Krim led his people to a sanctuary. The followers of Krim still refer to this duration as “the traversal from despair through insight to delight”.

Not much is known of where Krim wandered and found sanctuary in these wicked years, some imply he for some time kept house in the Peruvian Andes, while others claim he resided in the Sonoran Desert. Both may be true, but the traces of Krim in the Americas after the displacement from Jocotepec are few and scattered.  The old tomes of the Krimean following suggest that Krim returned to his native Eurasia to continue his work on the granite matrices and later return to the new world.

Ian Whitehouse  –  Pennsylvania-Transylvania Friendship Organization

Matrice de Granit – The Granite Matrix

Krümmels mysterious book seems to hold more secrets than any other I have come across! While studying the chapter “The Fable of the Muîres Philistine”, a crumpled note fell from the pages to my desk. It appears to be of even greater age than the book itself, and is written in a language that remains untranslated. I publish it here in hope that a reader knows this enigmatic tongue.

Avem, de asemenea, jaoen Gimo Figl

Dar totuşi kodna, trao’na Etienne Comisia orele suplimentare?
Kydje pentru aytona  ceai sălbatice şi de dans plöppen
Varsta Ploppel é stenj o grădină!
Ploppel vechi austriac Kodna electronic simplu de

În Gimo că eu sunt acum un Figl privat jaoen
Restricţiile Guest-Fi Gimo acasă

Vrei să taie rece, şi am Teng Adler
Cum plöppen saoe mananca trecut Jaoa, dar numai de aur
În cazul în care vechi-Kverfrå Ploppel Teng!
Austriece Ploppel vechi bar, bar de

În Gimo că eu sunt acum un Figl privat jaoen
Restricţiile Guest-Fi Gimo acasă

Tu si eu Gimo Bai Bing Bing, Ge Sheng Yu Tang Principala
Prin urmare, mă tem că am, Gerd-mail
Faceţi clic pe Ploppel E!
E Ploppel vineri, austriac simplu şi vechi

În Gimo ca tine si ca mine Figl jaoen
Restricţiile Guest-Fi Gimo acasă

The Epoch of Anguish

Translated from Krümmel’s “The Granite Matrix”, written some time in the period 1743-1819.

The Epoch of Anguish
Abandon Thine visions of
Calm, green Hills
An Almond doth fall to the ground!

Let go all Illusions, those
Telling of Peace
An Almond now splinters the floor!

Pandemonium Reigns
Dreams are Abdicated
Choose an Almond
Choose thine Demise!

– Ovi Dänânae – Historian – Targu Mures Historical Society

In the Blood of Rumors

Who were they, that in the most dust covered books of the Petru Maior University Library, are spoken of so fearfully? Yankel Krümmel’s magnum opus, “The Granite Matrix” draws parallels between Gregorius Kyan Nerich and Luficer himself, yet Gregorius was but one member of  the Nerich Family. This name remains soaked in the blood of rumors.

1572 is the year, and in the Mures valley there exists a long yearned after, yet fragile sense of peace. How quickly such quiet prosperity can fall to ruin at the hands of a tyrant. Voted harbinger of the Valley in November that year, Gregorius Nerich, under the banner of “To specify the algorithm and responsibilities regarding the authorization and evaluation”, ravaged the countryside with legendary cruelty. Terror reigned for over 200 dark, long years.