Helwig! Helwig! Rescue me!

Helwig! Helwig! Rette mich! Lassen Sie mich Ihr Haus zu betreten. Lassen Sie mich im Haus Helwig leben.

So is the yell, the prayer, of the many desperate souls in the dark streets (Strassen & Gasse) of Wien.

Being the Capital of the Empire, home of the Hapsburg Lords, many searching souls found life in the Great city. Yet lives were empty, the souls merely being alive, not living.

In daily life one had to deal with strict control-point, to keep the populace on correct curves.  In desperation the seeking souls searched for refuge.  Some found temporary rescue in the wines and spirits, but many of them fell to the un-logic (which has an ever presence in the centers of our dying continent).

However, the Lucky ones found a House were the un-logic never entered. In the arms of Helwig they found eternal comfort.

Written by Paolo and Ivan on behalf of TMHS (Neumarkt am Mieresch historische Gesellschaft)

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