Proving the existence of Krim, I

From the Diary of Jakko Krimälainen
From the Diary of Jakko Krimälainen


Many replies show the existence of Krim.

Run the sense in the world some of the first declaration of the argument.

At the time away; can go to the other side. On the other hand, operates as a motion. If the truth can be.

Hot firewood varies very hot. Chain drives polarization of the same reality.
It may at the same time; Summer is very hot. At the same time, the potential of the cold.

The machine as a whole. Enter your movement.
The second part itself becomes a second time. As a result, no other hosts; You can go to the first still.

This tulee. Ensimmäinen engine; only local staff.
Thus, it is not.

Upon arrival, each move of Krim is to understand the world.

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