Jacobie, Jacobie (The passion of Jacobie I)

Upon that tree
Upon that tree

Jacobie was a Krímìnale. For this he was punished severely in the great gorge of hollow-horned mammals. From the Neerich-ian clan it was claimed that he had thieved as follows:

  • 10 Cherry Boston Players
  • 3 Hen birds (France)
  • 12-cylinder girls (who danced eight international agreements)
  • 2 friends and Pterici
  • 17 “Please note that the swimming pool” signs
  • 5 de L’mei Čelebić gold medals

Kyan was especially upset about the kidnapping of his most beloved, Pterici (his friends not so much). Kyan spoke in parable:

Before the blood sword legacy of the Sky King,
the courage of the swelling;
sword and Crimeajacobiianians
rushed into the sea
all their sons for Unabashed Pterici.

People now offer the spear to him – Sky King.

Jacobie was nailed to the Scapegoat tree in that grand gorge. His dying words:

Alien flesh-eating goats for youth and children!
Clothing, tyres, waste, there are many other things.

And there was not a man in the valley who understood, but one.

Nerich in struggle with hollow-horned mammal
Nerichian in struggle with hollow-horned mammal

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