“The Touch”

Heart of gold, beard of silver, draped in red...

At the end of the night calm air?
The child is the father of their duties;
A child branch
It’s a good idea to keep warm.

“My son, why hide your face in fear?”
“My son is gone.”

“You boy, come with me, come on
One of the most beautiful games, the touch;
Many colorful flowers on the beach
My “mother, or several coats

“My father and my father and listening
“Gradually, my son;

“Dear children, you say?
Daughter will have to wait;
Woman Dancing Bear Night
Rock, dance and dream of singing ”

“My father and my father can not be
Real Women dark place? ‘
“My son, my son, I do not understand:
Liu old gray.”

“I love you, and I have great appeal;
If desired, use and force “-

Father and met handshake quickly
My father and my father and I! ‘
Shipyard is very difficult;
His hands, infant mortality

Jacob Tepec, 1898

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